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happy december!

i finally got the dream team up to the same level after much grinding. i spent some time shuffling their movesets around and thank fuck for funfest find the shard missions because i needed so many blue shards and i was not about to run around all day trying to find dust cloouds with them in...i wrote about their current movesets in the hall of fame. i took on N, the game freak staff, and cynthia and beat them all with no fainting!! i also beat the leaugue with the only casualties being harmonia, minerva, and farfelle during iris' battle after a couple miscalculations. it was hiraki who took down iris' haxorus who i was scared of! in her moveset where i had deleted a hm i kept thinking the hail slot was ice beam so pressed it on accident but it ended up chipping off haxorus's last bit of HP and we won! yaaay!

and yet there is still so much i have to do!!! i need to take on the PWT (ripdarkrai), pokestar studios, i want to try all the funfest missions which im super happy they let u play solo tbh...i also still have some legendaries to find. i cant seem to find uxie and azelf, and i need to find regirock(?) as well. ive had disGUSTING luck with the other legendaries. i caught reshiram in ONE ultraball and kyrem in 3....other legendaries have been quite easy too. virizion gave me a bit of trouble. heatran was very difficult, she was a female so i didnt want to reset at all and when i threw any pokeball it would only rock once or none and i was getting worried. i jokingly thought to myself "maybe she is a bougie bitch and she wants a luxury ball" and i threw one and i caught her straight away T___T like wtf....

in terms of pokemon scarlet, i must admit i havent played very much. i have only ust beat the first gym and im making my way to the titan. i just have a lot of trouble with how slow and laggy the battle screens seem to be? it might be because im so used to turning them off in older games. in W2 i havent had it on at all. i decided to turn it on for the dreamteam cynthia/league battle but that is it. plus i feel the battles just run faster in gen 5. its so annoying. other than that i am having fun catching pokemon! ive found some fucking weird looking pokemon though as ive not seen many spoilers or even reveals lol i got some weird fire type who looks like a mecha anime character??


hello everyone! of course i am here to talk about pokemon scarlet briefly...

i went to pick it up in a GAME which a lot of them are now inside of sports directs and i hadnt been to my local one before and i actually got lost. lol

ive only been able to spend an hour playing pokemon scarlet. i of course chose spiragatto as a cat person and grass type lover! ive not really seen much about this game,i think i watched the first two or so trailers so ive seen the professor, the legendary, etc but ive tried to avoid everything else. i did watch a few ttar vids as well around that time when people were leaking stuff and speculating about the gimmick and he was solving the riddles some person was putting on twitter but i dont remember anything past the phrase "regional fakes" ahah but i stopped watching them as i wanted to go in as blind as possible. obvs ive seen random screenshots here and there and i saw wooper and digletts new forms LOL i think wooper looks super cute! but that new diglett is so weird...

so far im mostly enoying it because of the open world gameplay which i really loved in pla. side note i think pla is probably one of my fav pokemon games ever i just think its so shit it didnt even have a year to exist and its quite clear it was a test for scarlet/violet. i dont really like this new art style tbh either when i think it worked well in pla, i also think how it looks more realistic clashes with how simple pokemon designs have become. to their credit thowever i like koraidons design and how gritty it is, i wish there were more sharp angles though. this probably makes no sense and i digress!

as i mentioned ive only played for about an hour and i played this hour WITHOUT the day 1 patch/updates following. and holy fucking shit is this game BUGGY as FUCK. i have downloaded the updates so im hoping it wont persist and i want to be fair about it! but i recall with pla, even though it was buggy, its been far worse in this game so far. as i said im gonna give it a chance and ill give a proper review in my new reviews page!!

usually when i play pokemon games ill base my team off of the elite 4/champion and prepare it in advance, and ill also ONLY use new pokemon from that region. for the former rule, because i am going in blind, i wont be adhering to this rule! but im adhering to the latter. i also havent heard much about the difficulty so im aiming for 4 pokemon only at endgame but we will see what happens. i wonder if there even is an elite 4 and champion? and if there is a post game?? lol

my personal hopes for this game is that professor sada is the big bad lol. ive had this suspicion ever since she was revealed. i think SHITTY BIG BAD TWISTS are ennoying instead of out the gate like gen 6 and before but it is what it is. at least it was done very well in pla. i also hope for a good story. i am feeling quite a lot of mystery so far. i dont have lots of time to play it because things are kind of hard right now but pokemon is a big interest and somethng that calms me so idk. i have more motivation to play W2 but i will probably play a lot of scarlet around xmas as i have time off work! yipee!

in terms of whats going on in W2, ive been slowly chipping away at the new unova dex where i can while also training up harmonia the serperior and hiraki the glaceon by going around the whole unova region. theyre both in their late level 50s now! serperior is shaping up to be a very good tank thanks to leech seed and giga drain. glaceon has a STUPID strong special attack stat! im really happy about all the random breeder trainers dotted around the region who always want a rematch whenever you reenter that area, its been a great way to farm exp at certain points as well as the dark grass in various spots. im hoping to take them both to nimbasa soon and grind there so that they can be at similar levels to the rest of the dream team (70s) and get everyone trained up to do our first run of the elite 4 together! then take on cynthia and n, and then the true final boss miyamoto....

i have this silly idea for a challenege when theyre all trained up and ive caught all the random legendaries and shit because ihave 3 gen5 games and so many high level pokemon to assign them all a number and run them through a randomiser, and the first 6 pokemon i have to defeat the league with without changing their moves XD this sounds good until i get 3 reshirams and the level 68 luvdisc i found on a team...


saw this on my blog from 2012 and lolled so hard

in other news, happy halloween!

a couple weeks ago i beat W2! i was a bit worried about my team honestly (haxorus, emboar, jellicent, swoobat, crustle, zoroark) as theyre often a bit fragile - i really enjoyed using jellicent though! shes helped me learn about having a defensive tank instead of just slaughtering everyone like ive always done XD but we smashed the elite 4! however, i beat iris with 2hp between 2 pokemon LOL 1hp left from sturdy on crustle and 1hp due to some crazy luck on swoobat....such a close call! i IMMEDIATELY went to n's castle because i literally forgot we could revisit it and i was so stoked. i genuinely gasped out loud and stopped in my tracks when we got to his room.....it was so disturbing. and then we fought and he swept my team lol with that reshiram. i decided okay im going to train up. im glad the difficulty jump wasnt as crazy as in bw.

when i finished the game i memory linked to my black save and i LOVED seeing all these little cut scenes! theres so many with N lol im so happy! even the silly ones with elesa and skyla were so cute! im sure i have many more to discover.

while grinding i decided to visit all the places i hadnt unlocked in the region, but as i was approaching nuvema town, i had a memory link with bianca. we battled and she SWEPT my team lol so i trained super hard to beat her! i love that she had an emboar just like in my pokemon black save T__T i think its so cool they personalise the sequel in that way to you. i fucking love this game dude.

also had a mad time trying to breed a female eevee with a modest nature for the dream team. i didnt realise you could use an everstone to pass on the nature until like 15 eggs in oops but i was lucky to find a modest eevee in castelia almost immediately with superior potential. i also thought the % for female as at least 25% but its not its 12.5% OOPS. probs took another 20 eggs until got like 3 females in a row. but shes here!! yay! i named her hiraki - when i was like 10, i remember looking up dawn online and seeing her japanese name flicker across my screen, i thought it was super pretty. i named my own character hiraki...but it wasnt till a couple years later i realised i got it wrong and her name is actually HIKARI LMFAOO but i couldnt let go of the mishap XD i decided to name eevee/glaceon this as a sort of homage to this silly moment as glaceon was my fav back then. im raising her now alongside harmonia/servine :) theyre growing super fast!

i kind of want to write some kind of review of gen 5 seeing as ive played them both back to back. or just write a massive shrine page on why they should be played because i have very little negative to say and i worship these games lol. pokemon bw have been my favs for 11 years now!! wow!!


hello! i am too ecstatic about this not to share it immediately. i managed to source a second hand copy of pokemon heartgold for next to no money today...holy shit. i do want to make a page similar to my dear alina page as of course there is yet another save file to go through. ive not had proper time to browse the save file, but this game had not been picked up since 2010!! soulsilver was one of those games i sort of just played to complete the living dex and i never touched it again, and i moved all my fucking pokemon over too. i think i will keep this save's pokemon in my platinum file, and maybe a year or so down the line when i an finished playing gen 5 for a while ill replay hgss! it is exciting because i can sort of cross that game over with dppt. i remember moving my ss team over to pearl and running them through the league so many times so i could become strong enough to take on red, who in the end i did manage to beat in 1 try >:)

also, have you checked out my flower paradise page? the code is still a little wonky but i tried my best! sometimes it comes up with "undefined" in the randomiser, so if you have a solution, please let me know! in addition, if you have something youre grateful for today, please feel free to use the cbox to share it. it can be something as simple as the weather or a food you enjoyed!

until next time!


hello everyone...how has a month passed?? i have many (positive) changes happen in my life recently but i have been able to play quite a bit of white 2. as you can see, i have completed the unova living dex!! yay!

i am in two minds about also completing the black/white 2 dex, as of course it has more pokemon. the only thing with this is that it will share legendary pokemon with my 1st unova dex, as i wont be able to get another zekrom or weather bros without recompleting pokemon white. which i cba for XD i think i will also need to use the GTS, which of course can only be accessed through DNS loopholes! so that should be fun!

i am currently at reversal mountain. it says a lot about my first playthrough of white 2 in 2016, where i essentially only played it to complete the big living dex, that i cannot even remember this area of the game at all. so much of this game feels brand new to me which is wonderful. it is brilliant that the route we are taking is completely different to bw. i am having a lot of fun with how everyone's gym is different and has their own musical theme! i am also completely addicted to join avenue. ive made sure to play almost everyday so i can reccommend the 3 customers that come and raise the ranking of my avenue. the florist i have makes me so happy, because the one thing i hate about gen 5 is the fact there is no berry related mini game or way to grow them!! so i am pleased to see them accessable in the florist. ive not finished bw2 yet so im hoping they make another appearence somewhere in the game. another thing ive noticed about this game is how much STUFF you accumulate!! i have so much shit bro

in other news, i hadnt planned to pick up scarlet/violet straight away as i still want to get the most out of bw2 and maybe even replay pla because i enjoyed it so. but my friend V bloody preordered it for me as a gift!! V, if you are reading, thank you so much again - i hope we can battle together and i will also win :) and of course this means i will be completing yet another living dex! i shall certainly be entertained for a long while with pokemon!

i have added updates to not only the living dex page, but the hall of fame with my current bw2 team (i cant rename zoroark bc it is N's but imagine its called blackberry), some fanart i love to links, and also some of my own silly fanart about volo and cynthia!


hi there friends...it has been a while! i started playing white 2 a few weeks ago. coming straight from pkmn black i was really enchanted by all the extra improvements, additions, and story continuations. despite having played this game in 2016, i had somehow forgotten literally everything. i was so surprised by the amount of new locations on the map. the detail in this game is just astronomical. and ive only got 3 badges!! i keep getting distracted by things like the join avenue and pokestar studios, and im a bit obsessed with trying to get as many badges as i can. i was very surpried that upon your arrival in nimbasa city, you actually get to fight ingo and emmet! in bw, they were hidden away.

i remember some time ago seeing someone mention in relation to ingo in PLA that his disappearence could be linked to a cave in unova that is said to be connected to sinnoh. i couldnt find this in bw so i forgot about it, but while poking around the map in bw2 i found this location. its the cave of being. i never bought the idea that SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!volo was directly responsible for ingos precense in hisiu because his concept art implies he has been there for over 10 years, which is also shown by his appearence. the idea that he somehow wondered so deep into this cave and perhaps met one of the lake trio who wiped his memories seems very interesting to me.

i also managed to get all the additional winter pokemon for my living dex, and now i am waiting to get the final 5 from white 2.


hello! we have a heatwave in the uk and i pretty much cant do anything apart from play pokemon lol so i have completed pokemon black!!! after getting my team to level 75 and juggling their move sets around a little, i took on the elite 4 and alder and entered the hall of fame finally...and then took on cynthia! i looked at the back of my trainer card and cynthia was the 666th trainer i battled.

a side note, this dialogue holds such different weight after completeing pla...

ive got 8 pokemon left for the living dex which ill get in white 2 and in the game's winter. and i caught kyruem! what a creepy pokemon, the way its sprite moves is so unsettling. it wiped my team on my first try and barely moved on any ultra/dusk balls - but on my second try after paralyzing it and getting its hp to the red i got it in one ultraball wtf...

i think ill come back to the game to battle cynthia again in the in game spring/summer and of course to finish the living dex but im so ready and excited to play white 2 now hehe


first complete box in the unova living dex done!! i need 20 pokemon then i am done! these include the few im going to need to get from my new white 2 playthrough - which im thinking of starting maybe next week - which are the tepig line and the zoura line as well as pansage if that is still a thing that you would get it in white 2 cos i cba to try finding it in pinwheel forest in rustling grass T_T been trying to catch jellicent this way but i might just level up a frillish instead while grinding levels because its just taking too damn long lol


life has been chugging along...with little time allowed for me to chip away at my living dex and grind some levels...

i dont have many complaints about bw but i do think the grind for the elite 4 rematch is just so damn long T_T im grateful for the difficulty jump and the fact there are so many opportunities to train pokemon daily but it is so time consuming even after clearing every other aspect of the postgame! my teams around level 66 so far, probably want to net another 10 before i take on the league...

though this is like my fourth playthrough of this gen, i never did the post game in my most recent two so its actually been really fun to go and do all of that. i realised why tornadus and thundurus were so frustrating in pla - its because theyre roaming pokemon! they took so long to catch but i did it and i got to experience the landorus encounter for the first time :o) i also managed to get the entralink to work with pokemon white! i never knew anyone who had bw for some reason, so i never got to experience it. its kind of weird to figure out but its so cool to actually have black city/white forest developed! im just so amazed with how much there is to do in this game, and this is only bw!! bw2 has so much more!

ive been thinking a lot about consumerism and pokemon lately. i watched lots of tyranitartube videos while working and he often explores the reasons why games past gen 6 are so empty in comparison to whats avaliable to do in previous gens. heres one of his videos. again i mentioned this before but this kind of stuff is the reason ive chosen to be so hyperfocused on just this one game series and this one set of games lol. i dont want to play something i dont love. its funny because i actually think scarlet/violet look fucking SICK but i remember when swsh, bdsp, and even sm were being announced and i just was not interested but i played them anyway, and havent revisited them at all. they were fun to play of course but they havent been on my mind for years like the DS/GBA games have. i regret moving all my pokemon over to these games, because now i have these save files from 2008 with no pokemon. idk what this ramble is but ill write something in full one day lol. anyway....

ive only ever completed living dexes in games with whole team exp share, so trying to do this in pokemon black where i have like 15 pokemon to get to levels in their 40s to evolve is the struggle...thank arceus for these super strong trainers in nimbasa haha! i used pokemon white to get a big chunk of the version and trade exclusives over so these level ups and winter exclusive pokemon are all i really have left. leaving kyruem till last and hopefully catch it in just a few ultraballs. i remember once in pokemon sapphire having over 100 ultraballs and i used ALL OF THEM in one encounter with rayquaza to the point where i had to soft reset XD fucking hell

i also wanted to share this sneasler card! my friend V is really big into the TGC, and got me this as he knows how much i love sneasler T__T im so grateful!


i cleared pokemon black the other day! the elite 4 i managed to smash my way through, facing the most difficulty from caitlin. i forgot how sick shauntals little room was! i managed to catch reshiram after a couple ultra balls, im adding a new hard level for myself where im not allowed to use the master ball lol. forgot how hard the ghetsis fight was, even tho theres the heal after n's battle i didnt want to loose how quick i managed to get reshiram LOL ive been exploring the region again and trying to pick up more pokemon for my living dex. i think its going to be very time consuming to do especially with all these level ups, as there isnt that team exp share im used to from my other living dexes!

its also nice to reabsorb a lot of the story. i forgot how good it was, and i never really took it all in 11 years ago when i first played it! i really liked how when finding the 6 sages, each of them were completely different, some surrendering easily and others still with team plasma or trying to do things. once im done with my living dex and i complete the league once more, i think then it will be time to start white 2 again. i recently went on it to find a ditto to start breeding snivy's for my dream team as the serperior i had on there was....superior........and im already SO excited bc the map is crazy and i was in this town i couldnt even remember!! i was like damn where am i. playing pokemon black has been so fun seeing all the differences after playing thru white 3 times! the music for op.city in black is so funky

OH! and how could i forget! please check out the new art for the homepage! it shows me and my dream team so far.....the shadows r the pokemon am i yet to find/raise :o)


i dont want to be an adult, i just want to work all day on this site T_T

ive reinstated the hall of fame page, it includes details about my dream team and updated the bw/pla entries to reflect different stages of clearing the game/entering the hall of fame etc.


what the hell LOOOL. prices check out online too

when i got white 2 in 2016 i only paid £22. not sure if i want to get usum or not! i searched it on ebay just now and it came up with suncream u dumbass. if i ever get bored of gen5 (impossible) i think my next point of call is to revisit soulsilver, which has so much going on but i transferred all my pokemon away and i cant remember it lol


after spending the last few days trying and failing, i finally got the gen 5 DNS exploit to work so that i could get a darkrai in my gen 5 games!! he may not be legit, and he may not be able to participate in the battle subway or PWT, but this means i can finally have my dream team (pictured in the trainer card to the right) so i am super excited!

i was originally going to write a guide on how to achieve this for this site, but i actually found that fellow neocities user mirage-island has one with a collection of different DNS servers! so please follow this tutorial if youd like to give it a go!


i feel so lucky to have played a game like legends arceus at my own pace...i truly cannot stop thinking about it. i was so impressed with the attention to detail regarding characters, pokemon, music, and the sinnoh lore! the mechanics and (spoiler!!) three phase boss fight in the post game blew me away! ive not felt this way about a game in so long, especially with pokemon...id perhaps write about this in length at another time, but i think its important not to consume media from a franchise so mindlessly, which i had done for a long time. with my pokemon bw files, i hope to be playing them for a very long time. though ive never been a battler, legends showed me how important, fun, and challenging it can be to strategise. i want to take on the battle subway and the world championship, alongside my other pokedex pursuits. in pokemon black, im making steady progress, getting ready to meet skylar in the celestial tower.


today i completed my hisui living dex! please check it out in the living dex page! i believe ive only two or three pokemon left to get to level 10 in the dex. the hardest pokemon to catch were magby and cherubi!

i am now going to get started on my unova living dex. to do this, i will start a new save file in pokemon black which i have bought second hand. i decided to document the save file that was already there. i am also going to reset my pokemon white 2 save file, so that i can replay that game as i dont really remember it, and also obtain the missing starter for the dex.

for now, i am completeing the standard black/white version unova dex. in bw2, this dex is different. i will attempt to complete it after the bw dex, but i am not sure how successful it can be without black 2. these dexes will not include mythical pokemon of course.

besides that, here are some fun pictures i took in legends with my favourite characters ingo and cyllene :o) its a shame i dont have one with volo...


easily her best remix of all time. what the fuck

i got misdreavus on mirage-islands "what cute pokemon are you?" quiz






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