best pokemon wikis - my favourite site - has the incredibly detailed interactive pokearth.
bulbapedia - good for reading about lore and trivia
pokemon database - has good sprite rescourses

all these sites also have good news updates, game databases+walkthroughs, pokedex details, and sprite rescourses.

site credits / sprite resources

item sprites - pokencyclopedia
border sprites - red/blue // diamond/pearl
pokemon sprites -
character sprites - ruby/sapphire // diamond/pearl // platinum // black/white // black 2/white 2

fun stuff

trainer card maker - this is what i used to make the card on the navigation bar!
shroomish icon maker
video game music - this site allows you to listen to and download music from not only pokemon, but just about any other game you can think of too
pokemon booster pack - open a virtual booster pack

coolest fanworks

GlitchxCity - she does amazing remixes of music from not only pokemon, but other nintendo games as well. here is a list i made of my favourite remixes from her :o)

johto redrawn - a collaborative project redrawing in pixel art the entire johto overworld map

on neocities + around the web

classic pokemon guide - a guide here on neocities about the gameboy mainline pokemon games, with pokedex advice and how to spot genuine cartirdges. also have an excellent essay on why should one consider playing classic pokemon now.

how to get online in gen IV / V
pokemon trading card game (gameboy color) card artwork linked to the card they were based off of


living dex - a great example of what a living dex could look like and to use for reference, including different formes. the page is under development to provide more information on each pokemon.

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