dear alina...

a couple months ago, i bought a second-hand copy of pokemon black from a seller on ebay. i didnt know what to expect when the game arrived, and i was pleasently surprised to find a save file already on the cartirdge, under the name alina.

i was very curious and had a poke around your save file. when i loaded it up, you were on route 15, facing the hiker, and your party looked like this...

from this, i can tell you were eager to evolve all these super hard to evolve dragon types! in addition, its very clear you loved your dragonite very much... levelled her up 43 times! your adventure started on the 18th of january 2015, and your last save was the 2nd of september 2016. you spent 62 hours and 5 minutes playing, catching 152 pokemon into the national dex.

i used dragonite to fly to nimbasa city, where i went to the musical theatre. your pokemon performed a sweet soiree on the 3rd of feb 2015. simipour is there!

i then went to the pokemon centre and peeked inside the hall of fame.

your first team was very similar to my own team - swap the version exclusives, and gothitelle for unfeasant, and our teams wouldve been exactly the same!

after this, i couldnt bear to reset this game without documenting your save file in some way. ive moved the pokemon that appeared in your party and the hall of fame into my pokemon white 2 version. when i moved them over, it was said you are from south africa! what a journey your pokemon have made!

where ever you are alina, i hope you are having a good life and will feel reassured that dragonite and her friends are safe with me...

...all the best,