lol my professh/personal art here

10/09/22 hello! i dont usually give context to my fanart because fppfspdpfpf but i thought i would here...this design of an older/modern day/longevity volo is inspired by these two fanworks [1][2]! especially the idea of togekiss feathers in his hat T__T i think he gets mischaracterised a lot, especially when people portray him in relation to ingo. he truly cares for his pokemon! in his final battle, he turns away everytime his pokemon is hit with a super effective move. i like the idea that cogita was the one who wrote the old verses which implies the writer was immortal or lives for an incredibly long time. i think after the events of pla, and the completion of her mission, perhaps she had died. i like to imagine that volo becomes the next person to inherit some kind of mission and also longevity in life like cogita, and to die he must carry it out. in these drawings, maybe hes decided to carry it out alongside cynthia, who would also be the next person to recieve a mission. i find the fact cynthia goes to undella town to explore the abyssal ruins which are littered with PLATES too funny. idk if it makes much sense but i had fun with this! i like the nod to cynthia's coat in the ginko guild outfit so i kept this, and everyone who draws him in a modern time likes to give him his classic oversized bag. i also made sure to give him the signature necklace.

you are welcome to use these so long as you credit me :o) i drew all of them, apart from the second ingo sprite which is an edit of his bw sprite

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